Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Storm

I just want to thank God that my family is all okay after that crazy storm we had yesterday afternoon. We didn't have any damage besides our weeping willow tree down and our mailbox on the ground, both of which were hanging on by a thread. The willow tree had started leaning over from all this rain we have had in the last couple of weeks. We had anchored it down, but the ravaging winds were too much for it. The mailbox, which had just gotten run over (for the third time, I might say) this past week was not very well secured in the ground. So, I am sure you could have just blown on it and it would have fallen over. It breaks my heart that the willow tree fell over, but I know things could have been alot worse for us. There are so many others that have lost everything, including loved ones. It makes me cry thinking about the families that lost three very young kids and an infant that is in critical condition, from a tree that fell on their mobile home. I couldn't even imagine. I couldn't even imagine what others are going through after they lost their home and everything in it. It truly makes me thankful for our safety. I also want to say lots of thank you's to the police, the firefighters, EMS and all the power crews, who worked around the clock to help those in need! I heard sirens for hours going up and down Louisburg Road. Even though we didn't need their assistance, I know there were many others that did! God Bless all those that helped!

Well, Tanner enjoyed having a new adventure with the willow tree! He played on it (or in it!) almost all day! 

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