Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tanner's First T-Ball Game!

So, yesterday was Tanner's first t-ball game!

It has been hilarious to watch the kids practice so far! I was thinking this first game was going to be a hodge-podge of kids running around with no idea what's going on. Obviously some kids played last year so it wasn't total chaos.

Tanner did good. He doesn't really know the logics of the game yet. So, the first time he batted he ran to first base but he didn't know where to go from there! Me, Scott, and the rest of the crowd were yelling at him to run to second base. The next time he batted he ran to first then he kinda just walked to second like he wasn't sure where he was suppose to go, then he just gave up and walked back to the dugout! It was so funny! By the end of the game he finally realized he was suppose to run to first, second, third and then home! Also, when his team is out on the field, he would obviously get bored waiting for the ball to come to him. So he kept himself preoccupied with playing in the dirt, making himself a "house" is what he told us.

He seems to be enjoying himself playing t-ball. He always gets a smile on his face when it's his turn to bat. And he has lots of fun during practice with the other kids. We are hoping he has more athletic skills then me or Scott, which wouldn't take much!

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